Course Content

Basics I

The Basics I course is limited to just 10 lessons, in order to enable beginners, without any prior knowledge, to really get to know flamenco dancing, without any further obligation. As the name indicates, this course focuses on the basic elements of flamenco dance, such as arm movement, hand movement, body posture and footwork, as well as the introduction to rhythm (palmas y compás).

Basics II

The Basics II course is also limited to 10 lessons, and builds on the Basics I course. This course offers further depth and breadth to the content learned in the Basics I course. Through the introduction of basic step combinations and short choreographies, this course prepares you to continue in one of our ongoing Beginner courses.

Beginner I - III

In Beginner course I, we focus on simple, short Rumba choreographies, and practice  basic improvisation. The Sevillianas is also a component of this course. This is usually danced in pairs and is one of the most popular Andalucian folk dances. Sevillianas can be danced with different ‘accessories’, for example, a sombrero, a fan, a mantón (a shawl), castanets or a bastón (a cane).

In Beginner course II-III, we teach these palos/dances:

» Tangos
» Alegrías
» Colombiana
» Fandangos de Huelva
» Farruca
» Garrotín
» Guajira


Intermediate and Advanced

The following palos are taught in the Intermediate and Advanced Courses:

» Alegría
» Bulerías
» Caña
» Colombianas
» Fandangos de Huelva
» Farruca
» Guajira
» Seguiriya
» Soleá por Bulería
» Soleá
» Tangos 
» Tanguillos
» Tarantos
» Tientos