María del Carmen García Fuentes was born in Antequera, Malaga. As a young girl, she became interested in dance and took lessons in both jazz dancing and show dancing for twelve years.
At the age of 14, María discovered flamenco dancing, and this soon became her passion. María was taught in the art of flamenco dancing by Rebeca Marmol Carmona for eight years. It is thanks to Rebeca that María appeared both nationally and abroad with renowned groups such as The Gypsy Kings, Antonio Andrade and with Rebeca Carmona herself.
Over the course of her dance career, María has continually worked many different teachers, including Leonor Leal, Mercedes Ruiz, Ursula López, Belén Maya, Andrés Marín and María Serrano, to name just a few.
At the age of 18, María was already teaching Spanish folklore dancing and flamenco dancing at different schools and dance centers.
In 2008, she began to teach flamenco in Frankfurt, opening her own Flamenco dance school in 2010.
In 2011, María founded the ‘Compañía María García’ for her shows.


Appearances nationally and abroad with:
» Rebeca Carmona 
» Alma
» The Gipsy Kings
» Antonio Andrade
» Hessian Broadcasting Corporation Symphony Orchestra, Frankfurt
Appearances on German TV:
» Channel ARD Fernsehgarten (a popular German TV show)
» Channel ZDF Mona Lisa
» Channel RTL Top of the Pops
Further Commitments:
» Staatstheater Mainz: Oper Carmen
» English Theatre, Frankfurt a.M. – Noche Flamenca
» Alte Oper Frankfurt a. M.- Noche Española
» Internationales Theater Frankfurt 
» Theater Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg – Festival Flamenco
» Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt: Telekom 
» Aida Cruises: Jo-Dance - Show
» Lufthansa: Jo-Dance - Show
» TUI: Jo-Dance-Show
» Sony Records: Ayman
» BMG Records: Alfonso Losa
» Pop Com: Soultans
» YOU: Soultans
» Radio Regenbogen: Soultans
» Kultursommer Hanau 
» Rheingau Musikfestival